Photos de Curtis Ray Benally, Femmes indigènes disparues ou assassinées

07/12 : From High Country News,a series of pictures (first published at Searchlight New Mexico) taken by Curtis Ray Benally tries to raise awareness about missing & murdered indigenous women. They’re astounding ! If you want to see more :

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Photo by Curtis Ray Benally. © Curtis Ray Benally. Courtesy of Searchlight New Mexico. Ariana R. Young, Katalina Kellywood, Constance Torres, Rose Therese Benally, Natalia Hobson, Marjorie A. Benally, Deloria Rose Benally, Gloria Hosteen, Aliana R. Begaii, Destenie J. Nakai, Ashley Tsosie, Kaylyn Bunion, Racquel Bunion, Arianna Yazzie and Katrina Tsosie at Tsé-Bi-Taí (Rock with Wings), Shiprock, N.M., Sat., Nov. 21, 2020.


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